Services Offered

Do you find dark spots in the same place on all your photos that just wont go away?  You probably need a sensor clean.  Come in today to any of our locations and find out for FREE if your camera needs a sensor cleaning.  


Image Recovery

Did you delete all your photos from that once in a lifetime trip?!  Don't Panic!  We have the technology to recover those precious memories.  Call us today to find out more!

Repair Center

Got a camera or a lens on the fritz?  Come in to either store today to have us take a look at it.  We can advise on what you should do.  If we can't fix it in house we will send it to our repair center who can. 


Dirty film &/or digital camera bodies, lenses, flashes, bridge cameras and point & shoots are no match for our camera cleaning crew.  Call us or stop by today to make your dirty equipment shine like new again! 

Call or come visit

Our friendly photo nerds if you have any questions or need any assistance with your camera.  We can help! 

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