Nightime Photography Workshop $299 - 3 hours

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Another exciting workshop series presented by award winning photographer, Rudolph Henninger. Rudolph feels that this is one of the most exciting and rewarding styles of photography that he shoots; with endless possibilities. The usage of a camera to alter images and light is a highly technical feat that Rudolph and his assistant will teach you in this workshop.

Focal points will be:

Lightning, fireworks, candles, airplane streaks, silhouettes, city-scapes and timed exposures of all kinds. F-stops, focal lengths, shutter speeds and how these will effect the outcome.


Silhouette Photography:

Learning the art of silhouette photography can be tricky.

We teach you the tricks of the trade to produce romantic, eye popping images!


Light streaks from an airplane:

It's amazing to see what your camera can capture.

With the proper technical knowledge and your creative mind you can achieve this

and so much more!


How to sign up?

Call the Scottsdale store 480-990-3150 or come in person  (first come, first served basis)

What to bring?

Camera, tripod, flash, zoom lens, remote control (if you have one), flashlight, polarizing filter, water and comfortable walking shoes.


 *Must be able to walk over desert terrain for about 2 blocks*

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