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Bronica 30mm F3.5 Fisheye Zenzanon-PE

Bronica 30mm F3.5 Fisheye Zenzanon-PE

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For the ultimate in wide angle, the PE 30 F3.5 is true full frame fish eye, incorporating a diagonal view of 180 degrees. Utilizing the latest in Broad Band Anti Reflective coating technology, flare and chromatic aberrations are greatly suppressed. The lens allows for unique images in landscape, commercial and portrait photography and had a growing demand for usage in weddings.

This lens does have an extremely thin layer of haze on one of the inner elements. Does not effect images much except for a slight softness to direct light.

FEATURES INCLUDE: F stop range F/3.5 - 22 (with half stop detents) Shutter Seiko #0 (electronic control) plus T (time exposure) & B (bulb). Filter Size of 32.5mm screw - in type. Lens hood built in flower shape.

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