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FUJIFILM FP-100c Professional

FUJIFILM FP-100c Professional

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This is a 10 exposure pack of glossy Instant Color Film FP-100C/FP 100C from Fuji. It is a peel-apart-type instant color film with an ISO speed rating of 100.

Its ability to produce photos of superb quality makes this film ideal for a wide range of commercial uses, including product photography requiring long exposures, microphotography, CRT image recording, and of course identification and portrait photography.

This film, in regular size, can be used in cameras and other photographic equipment that accept instant film with a photo size of 85 x 108mm, and those provided or fitted with an instant camera back.

-Improved light-fading characteristics
-Further extended low-temperature end (from 15 to 10 degrees centigrade)
-Reduced color variations caused by differences in the peeling time
-Reduced color cast after peeling
Fully Tested and Cold Stored, Expired 08-2019
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